Saturday, October 20, 2007

I am not so good at this...

So I have officially decided that I am REALLY bad at blogging. I just don't update it often enough! I feel like you really don't want to hear about all the craziness that truly goes on in the Heiden house. And when I say crazy I mean crazy! The boys are soooo busy all the time and it tires me out!

We went to the cider mill today and that was lots of fun. Until we got in the car to come home with 2 little boys screaming "DOONUUUTS" the whole way home. So as you can imagine that was loads of fun. We did manage to get a few pictures that I added for ya to check out. And of course I can't seem to get a picture of the two of them when they are both looking at the camera. Oh well, it adds character right?

Matt has been doing great at school, no more tears so that is awesome! I can't believe he will be 4 in a week. Old clients always ask me how my baby is when they seem me at the salon for the first time in a while. And I always laugh because I tell them he is in school and I have an 18 month at home! Their jaws just about hit the floor!! The last 4 years have gone by so fast!

Nick is getting bigger everyday! He talks so much it is amazing! He favorites are MINE and DO IT AGAIN! Usually both are in reference to Matt. Both boys have been on the sick side the last 2 weeks. Both have colds that just won't go away! The joys of being in school!

Ben and I are doing good. Just trying to keep our focus when the boys stress us out!! I just started a new business venture this past week. I am now selling jewelry for Premier Designs! It will be a great opportunity to make some extra money and to get out of the house a little more!

Looking forward to our Minnesota trip at Christmas! Look out Heiden family because the tornado is about to hit Anoka!! Be prepared is all I can say. And be well rested before we get there!! Ha Ha

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jocelyn said...

sarah, i am worse than you because i curse people who abandon their blog AND i don't blog i am bad at blogging AND i am a hypocrite :) does that make you feel better?!