Thursday, September 06, 2007

First Day of School!!

Today was a day that I never thought would come so fast!! Matt went to school! It was very bittersweet! I was excited to see him go but was also sad to see him go. He is no longer my "baby boy"! When I was pregnant with him 3.5 years ago, I made a comment to my friend that I don't know how parents can just put there little child on a school bus with no seat belt and send them on there way. She just laughed and said "you have to have the baby first!!" =) Well, I had the baby and now is time to send him on his way! :( Man does time go by fast.

I told his teacher on orientation night that it was like when you are pregnant and you go to birthing class, you are like "Oh my gosh, this is for real. This is REALLY happening!" Well that is how I felt that night, "Oh my gosh, this is REALLY happening!" Ben doesn't get it he just thinks I am crazy. Who knows maybe I am, all I know is that I can't believe his first day has come and gone.

It was really cute while he was at school, Nick wandered around the house saying Matt-moo, Matt-moo! That is how he says is so cute!! He is talking so much! You have to watch what you say because he repeats everything. I call him my little parrot! fun times!!

Hope your all doing great!

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Chad said...

You guys must be having too much fun up there! :) We'll have to chat this weekend and you can fill us in on all the fun school parent stories! We miss you guys!