Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Back to the grindstone

Waiting to leave!

At Seaport Village

Matt driving!!

Matt Crashing!!

Giddy' Up Cowboy!

Well, it has officially been one week since we have been back from San Diego. And I have been dragging my feet ever since. It is so depressing to come back to reality... at least when you live in Michigan. It was so nice and sunny and GREEN!! Then you come back here and as you are landing all you see is brown and dirty snow. We looked forward to going out there and now it is done and over with. How sad!!!

We had a really great time while we were out there. It was so awesome to spend time with our family ! We got to go to LegoLand one day and the kids LOVED it. It was nice for Matt to finally get to do some of the big kid stuff. He is still a little on the short side but was still able to go on a few rides. We basically had fun the entire time we were gone and I think the boys would have slept for 3 days straight if given the chance.

Hope you enjoy the pictures !

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