Thursday, March 02, 2006

Baby update!!

Well, my doctor appointment has come and gone and so has my first trip to Labor and Delivery on Wednesday morning. I ended up the stomach flu and was very dehydrated. After being sicker than a dog Tuesday night into Wednesday morning I gave in and called my Dr and as expected was told to go to the hospital to get checked. Everything is fine but I have never felt so horrible and my wonderful husband took the day off of work and took excellent care of me (and Matt).

I did get some interesting news at my appt on Tuesday. We found out that the baby is in a complete breech position! Oh joy! In my mind I knew that he was laying in weird way, I could just tell by where I can feel him move. According to what the doctor could feel she said that his head is below my left rib and he is curved down so that his back runs down by my hip, he is butt down and his feet/knees are tucked up by my right rib. Which, having a head and feet constantly pushing on your ribs is not fun!! So anyhow, we will be going on Monday for our next ultrasound to check his position and weight. So Monday should be interesting, I can't wait to see what how big he is now. I am hoping his growth is equal to his actual due date now!

Hopefully he will move head down in the near future. If not, I have a few options...They can manually try to rotate him by having one doctor push on my belly as another tries to rotate him with there hands. This is done at the hospital in case of any complications should occur. I really don't want this done because it is painful and only works 50% of the time. Because sometimes the baby goes right back to how they were. I also have a friend who is a chiropractor and he said that he could do a certain adjustment that will make the baby move into position and that is works 70-80% of the time. If all else fails I would have a c-section...which we all know Ben may not do well in that situation. Ha Ha!

So we still have a lot to figure out. Monday will hopefully bring some answers. It is still possible for him to move on his own because he was head down at my last ultrasound which was 4 weeks ago! It is amazing what the babies do inside such a small space!!

Hope your all doing great!

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