Monday, February 27, 2006

Sleepy boy!!

This was taken about a week ago and will probably never happen again!!

I was making dinner one night and Matthew asked to put his pajamas on. I guess he is like his parents and wants to get into comfy clothes after a busy day!! So anyways, I get them on and per his request put on LaLa...aka Elmo!

I continued making dinner and Ben is still at work. I notice that he was very quiet, which for any of you who have been around him for more than 5 minutes know, that he DOES NOT sit still, let alone long enough to fall asleep. Seriously this was amazing that he fell asleep at 6:30 at night and was not sick. He slept like that for about an hour! I woke him up so he could eat something and he went to bed and slept all night!! I thought for sure he was getting sick, but luckily I was wrong!!

I go back to the Dr on Tuesday so check back soon! I am hoping to have some kind of baby update soon! I am running out of room and his movements are starting to hurt!

Hope you all have a great week!

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