Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby # 3

Ok so here is our first picture of the new baby! I know ultrasound pics are a little confusing so to help some of you.  The baby is laying on it's back, head at the top, little arm buds under the chin, body and little leg buds at the bottom!  

What is amazing is that the baby is only the size of a grape but yet you can still see everything!  Really is the miracle of birth!


jen said...

Hey Sarah, Your Prego!!! Whoo Hooo... Maybe a girl?? I am super happy for you, Im a little behind.... but maybe I'll catch up! Merry christmas to you and the fam.

Kimberly Joy said... little and still so cute :) I have been thinking about you guys a lot lately, how is Matthew doing? I miss those two little boys so much! And their parents too of course :) Hopefully you are all staying warm in that crazy winter weather you are having!