Sunday, February 10, 2008

Matt's visit to Children's Hospital of Michigan...

Yes that's right, Matt and I made our way downtown to CHM by 6:00 AM on a very snowy morning a couple weeks ago. It was not any kind of emergency so nothing to worry about! He needed to have an endoscopy done so that we could hopefully find out why he has so many stomach aches and vomiting! Most of you know our struggle with that so I won't bore you or disgust you with the details. The dr thinks he has acid reflux but I really don't think that is it!

So, as of a week ago Saturday we no longer give him milk. Milk has been the only common link to all of it, so I thought I would at least give it a try. We did this last May for a month and he was still sick. Just thought it was worth a shot. It is hard though because he LOVES milk! Every time we go to the store he reminds me to buy milk. =) This week he has been fine but this would have been his good week! Every other week he is sick. So we will see what this week brings.

Here are a few photos from our adventure to the hospital! He did really awesome and once again was a trooper! I always feel guilty on our way because he has no idea whats about to happen. He knew that a Dr was going to take a special picture of his tummy! He already has had tonsils removed, an MRI, an X-ray of his belly and now the scope. Poor kid!

Nick is doing great also! Hard to believe he will be 2 next month! He talks non-stop! He is the complete opposite of his brother yet the same in so many ways! He always says "Did you see that Mommy?" or "Mommy, watch this!" When he says that he is usually jumping off something, sliding down the steps or doing something to make us laugh. He is very silly!

Hope your all doing great and staying warm! It is VERY cold here right now and I hate it! I always ask myself why do we live in michigan?

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Chad said...

Especially when Texas is SOOOOOO nice all the time! :)