Sunday, December 03, 2006

I know it has been forever!!

I now believe the saying,'"the older you get, the faster time goes by!" I honestly can't believe how fast each day goes by. We have already been to Nebraska and back, Thanksgiving has come and gone and now Christmas will be here before you know it.

Our trip to Nebraska was interesting to say the least. It seems like it was so long ago already. What we thought would be a 12 hour drive ended up being 14.5 LONG HOURS!! I thought Iowa would never end. If you've seen one corn field you've seen them all. BORING...VERY BORING! We got in Thursday night and Matt of course was ready to party after being in the car for so long. Friday we celebrated Christmas with the family and went to see Ben's dream land!! Memorial Stadium..(.it is where the Huskers play for any of you are wondering) Unfortunately we didn't get to go in, they were having High School State Championship Games that day. We then made it to the rehearsal for the wedding, which on the way Matthew informed us that he was going to "barf" Those are his words! Now let me remind you of his horrible problem of this in the last 3 months. So we came prepared on our trip and handed in the garbage can we brought in case this happened.

So anyhow, we get to the rehearsal at church and show Matthew what he needs to do because he was the ring bearer. So the first time we went through it he decided to throw his pillow down the aisle. The next time we went through it he drop kicked the pillow across the aisle and under the chairs. So we were a little nervous to see what the wedding would bring.

So we are at the restaurant, in which he informs us again that he is going to "barf" so Ben takes him to the bathroom and in typical Matthew form, he lost it in the bathroom. At least he made it to the bathroom because we were in a little French cafe and I don't think they see many kids at this place. So we leave the dinner and go back to the hotel. Because we left so soon, Ben and I never ate so we decide to order room service and we both ended up getting sick in the middle of the night from it!! It was not a fun night for any of us!

Some how we all pulled it together for the wedding and Matt did awesome. We had to bribe him with money but it worked. He did great and the wedding was really nice. We also celebrated Michael's 21st birthday, we had so much fun... probably would have had more fun it we knew we didn't have a 14 hour drive ahead of us the next day!

By the way Matt will be having his tonsils removed on December 20th. He has to have them out because he has had strep so many times in the last couple months. He actually has it again right now. We were at the Dr on wednesday for it. He has had it 4 times since August but a total of 6 in the 8 months. Poor little guy! It still doesn't stop him from screaming. So anyhow just keep us all in your prayers that day!!

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! I know that I have so much to be Thankful for. We all need to remember all the blessings in our life when we're crabbing about what we don't have or what we want.

Love and Miss you all,

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