Thursday, October 26, 2006

3 years ago!!!

Well it has happened again! Matthew has Strep throat AGAIN!!! And yes it all started with him throwing up in the car once again!! Sorry if it is to much info but this has become my it up and talking about it! It amazes me on how quickly I can clean his car seat! I feel like I am part of a nascar pit crew! I have it down to a science now! I'm telling you I have become a professional at this!

So anyhow because this being his 4 case of strep in 6 months we will be seeing an Ear,Nose and Throat doctor. He will determine whether or not he needs his tonsils removed! The doctor said he has large tonsils which makes him have an easy gag reflex which is causing him to barf! (as Matt would put it) =) She also said he doesn't act like a kid with strep...I know, it's because his little mind and body just DOES NOT STOP!

On a positive note, I just have to brag about Matt for a minute! I wrote down his name and Nicks name on a piece of paper and he could identify both of them. So I wrote down 4 other kids that he goes to school with and he knew all of there names. When I asked them where the name was he could point to it! He amazes me that he knows which is which. At school he can point out which project belongs to his friends. It amazes me everyday that he knows it! Like I said I just had to brag about him for a minute because I always feel like I only complain about the things his does!

We will be celebrating his 3rd birthday on Saturday!! I can't believe my baby is 3! Hopefully we will have some pictures to share with everyone!

Nick is smiley as usual...Unless he is hungry and if that's the case he will let you know that he wants to be fed NOW!!! He is such a big boy! He will be 7 months on Saturday and is wearing 12 month clothes. And believe his clothes aren't exactly loose if ya know what I mean! Its hilarious because he is starting to respond to Matt. He likes to pull his hair and Matt usually ends up crying! Hey, I say its pay backs buddy, for all the times he has smacked Nick in the head! Matt better look out because before you know it, Nick will be bigger than him!

Other than that all is well in the Heiden household. We are getting ready for a road trip out to Nebraska for Kim's wedding. That should be a fun drive! I'm joking in case any of you were wondering!! I hope we have our camera by then because Matt will be the ring bearer and he is wearing a tux!! He is gonna be so cute. I can't wait to see him in it!

Hope your all doing fantastic!


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Cool Aunt Katie said...

Happy Birthday Mattie! I hope you enjoy our gift. and dad may not but you can count on Aunt Katie and Uncle Tad for all those fun gifts. :)