Sunday, September 17, 2006

Strep throat, Ear infection and tooth #2...

Is what I had to deal with this week and that was only my 2 kids! Not counting all the other kids that are sick at daycare!! It has been quite a week to say the least! I am still trying to get in the swing of things! I just haven't found a routine yet!

My poor little boys this week. Both of them are sick! Matt had strep which is always fun. His history with strep always starts with throwing up! He did that in the car on Tuesday, when we were 5 minutes from home. We were so close, I could see my street sign. So of course that becomes an ordeal trying to get a child covered in you know what, out of a car seat!! Those things are a pain to clean. This is the 3rd time he has done this in the last month!!! So we have become pro's at cleaning the dumb thing! It is a good thing we have another seat Ben's truck! So, anyhow went to the Dr on Wednesday for Matt and we were back at the Dr on Saturday for Nick with an ear infection!

Poor baby, he is getting his 2nd tooth and has an ear infection on top of it! He is such a trooper though!! He has really starting to show his personality, he loves to "talk" and smile! He also loves to watch his big brother! Which concerns me that he may be getting ideas from him!! NOT GOOD!!! Matthew is one of a kind! He is just so busy that by 8:00pm I have nothing left to give and he HAS to go to bed!

Hope life is treating you all well! We are hoping to get a camera soon and maybe get some new pictures for ya! Nick is so big. At the doctor he weighed 20lbs and 6oz. Matt didn't weigh that much until over a year old, Nick will be 6 months next week! He better start walking cause I can't carry him much longer!! =)

Love and miss our out of town families and friends!


Cool Aunt Katie said...

Oh my poor babies! I wish I could come over and babysit for a night and let you guys have a break. Sounds exhausting. :) I love and miss you guys!

Cool Aunt Katie said...

What's the latest update? Any new photos you could put up? :) I know you've been busy but there just so cute.