Monday, June 12, 2006

Proud of his sticker chart!!


It has been one week since we started potty training Matt! And so far he has been doing awesome! For some reason though when Ben gets home it all goes out the window! He only wears a pull up at night and if we leave the house. I read that if you put dish soap in the potty that when they go it will make bubbles! So that was the trick for him! He loves to see the bubbles and to put stickers on his potty chart!

Our only problem is getting him to not have an accident in his underwear! If he is naked from the waste down he knows to run to the potty but if he is wearing underwear sometimes he forgets! So we have been seeing a lot of little buns running around here. I feel like I should keep the blinds closed so our neighbors don't think we are some kind of weirdo!! So as each day goes by he is getter better and better. It certainly does wear on your patience though! I was ready to quit by the first 2 hours of trying! But as you can tell I am a very proud mom! So I hope I didn't bore you with all the cheesy details! It is really exciting to watch your baby grow in to a little person! We call Ben about 20 times a day and Matt will say "Daddy? Potty! Love you! Bye Bye!" It is really cute! He wanted to call Elmo one day, so I called Ben and asked for Elmo and Matt got on the phone while Ben talked like Elmo! When he hung up I asked him if he talked to Elmo and he said NO, Daddy! He is to smart for his own good! We can't even trick a 2 year old!!

Other than the potty training not much else is going on! Just a lot of yard work! Ben spent 3 full days pulling weeds and laying down wood chips! It was a lot of work but it looks great!! I'm sure our neighbors are happy now that they don't have to look at all the weeds! For anyone who knows what our yard looks like, you know how bad the weeds are! Ben pulled out ALL of them!! Matt and I helped as much as possible!

Hope your all doing great! We will be taking Nick on Friday for his appt! So we will let you know next week about the results!

Love Sarah

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