Thursday, April 27, 2006

Not much goin' on!

Just wanted to say Hi! I know it has been a while Everything is going great! Who can complain with 2 beautiful children! I think we have adjusted to all the changes. I have been able to start a daily routine and stick with it for the most part! =)

Nicholas is know sleeping for 4 hours at a time at night and it is wonderful! He definitely enjoys eating and gets cuter everyday! Matthew is a great helper who loves his little brother. I think it is a love-hate relationship. One minute Matt loves him and the next he is smacking him or pulling his hair! He really is doing great with the whole thing!

We had lots of family in town last weekend for Nicks Matt had a crowd to show off for. His 2 favorite things to do is say NO and scream as loud as he possibly can-especially in the car! I think we are all going to lose our hearing soon! It gets old really quick!

Not much else to report! I should go so I can get working on all of our thank you notes! Talk to you soon!


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