Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March 28th 2006!!!

So it is official that is unless the baby has other plans...which we all know is very possible. As of right now we will be going in on Tuesday March 28th at 11:30am for a c-section. Due to the size of his head the Dr and I both agree it is the best thing for me to do.

Which is only one week from today so please keep us in your prayers that all will go well during and after. I am hoping Ben will be able to handle the operating room ok. I'm thinking he should wear a helmet in there in case he hits the floor. We all thought he would pass out when Matt was born but he did great. So I am sure he will do just fine.

As far as our first child is concerned he has developed into a typical 2.5 year old with attitude and all. I think he knows that his life is going to change because he has such an attitude right now. We are ready to ship him to Minnesota so Grandma and Grandpa Heiden ( who laugh about this) can deal with his personality! He may look like a Heiden but he acts like a McGhee! Poor kid! Other than that he is a good boy and will be a great big brother. He loves to help, so as long as he can be a helper we are all in good shape. I will have to teach him to change diapers or at least stop wearing them.

Not sure when the next entry will be...I need to show Ben how to do it so he can put up some pictures of the latest addition! We will try to get some up as soon as we can! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers next week as the big day gets closer!


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Cool Aunt Katie said...

I can hardly wait!!! Yes you will have to teach Ben how to use this blog so we can take a look at the new big-headed boy. :) I'm sure he will be as cute as Mattie-Matts.

Love you Sara! I will keep you in my prayers.