Sunday, February 19, 2006

Matthew and his hero ELMO!!

Today we spent a fun filled afternoon at Sesame Street Live. It was a lot of fun to see how excited Matthew was to see all the characters on stage. We were unsure how he would do since he has about a 2 second attention span! But much to our surprise he was awesome!! And of course like all the other parents we fell into the trap of a souvenir! But we figured why not since the tickets were a Christmas gift! We also had really great seats and overall had a great day together as a family!! Cheesy I know, but true! =)

I don't have anything new to report about the baby. Still growing and still keeping me up at night. For some reason he always gets the hiccups when I decide to go to bed. He moves a lot more than Matthew ever did, which is really scary considering how active Matthew is now. We also have not decided on a name! We are leaning towards a certain name but we are keeping on the down low!I So I guess you will all have to wait until he is born!! Ha Ha!!

I will have another ultrasound at 36 weeks (which is in 2 weeks) to check on his size again. Depending on the results, we may need to make some decisions on possibly inducing me early before he gets too big. I am hoping he won't be any bigger than Matt was. So check back in a couple weeks and hopefully I will have some good news to share.

For any of our friends and family who are interested, we will be having the baby's baptism on Sunday April 23rd. It is the Sunday after Easter. We would love to have you share this special time with us!

Hope you are all staying healthy and warm! That is for those of us who are freezing out butts off in the Midwest. Not for those of you in San Diego or Houston. Enjoy all your warm weather and sun, because it was a HIGH of 20 today.


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stacyhmom said...

We loved Sesame Street Live! Wish we could've been there to see how excited Mattie was to see LaLa live! Great pictures of a cute kid!