Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Snow Day!!

We finally had a Saturday that Ben did not have to work so we or I should say they took advantage of it and played outside. It was a good thing they went out in the morning because it had all melted by the afternoon! It was a struggle getting Matt dressed to go out and then it was a struggle getting him to come inside. Typical kid!

Nothing to exciting going on around here. Same old thing everyday! Ben has been working long hours, which is to be expected this time of year. He is working on a full wrap for 2 cars that they are doing for the NBA All Star Game and of course with NASCAR starting up in February that always has him busy this time of year. He didn't even get to see Matthew yesterday because he was sleeping when he left and was sleeping by the time he got home. So thank God for Grandma and Grandpa McGhee for helping me keep my sanity after being with 2 two year olds all day. I usually end up at there house if I know Ben won't be home for a while. Hope they don't mind!!

We still have not decided on a name. I guess we need to wait and see him first. I never understood that when other people would say it but this time I am so indecisive for some reason. Thanks for all the ideas. The baby and I are hanging in there. I have a Dr. appt. on Thursday, it is hard to believe I have to go every 2 weeks already, it is such a wait forever for the Dr and then they are with you for like 5 minutes...if that!

Hope I didn't bore you all to much, I just don't have anything to new to share! Besides it is nap time right now and I need to take advantage of that! =)

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Chad said...

Keep writing! It's always good to hear and see how things are going! We were thrilled to see you guys and hope to be able to again soon!